Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark

How Sharing Your Personal Story Can Transform Your Business and Change Your Life

Mark Leruste

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Most people are afraid of what others might think or say if they showed up as their true authentic selves. Especially in a business or professional context. That's why too many of us are terrified of sharing our story authentically in public and struggle to make a lasting impact when introducing ourselves.

But what if you could make a connection instantly, effortlessly engaging your audience every time you introduced yourself and the work that you do, be it on stage, at work or on a podcast? And more importantly, what if you could get people to care about and pay attention to what you had to say, share or sell?  

Turns out, learning how to find the courage to craft and communicate your story in a clear and compelling way can help you do just that.

CEO and Founder of Ministry of Purpose©, public speaker and award-winning host of The Unconventionalists© podcast Mark Leruste (@markleruste) has found a simple 3-step structure that anyone can follow to turn your myriad of life experiences into a memorable and magnetic origin story people will remember and share with others on your behalf.

From helping you land bigger media opportunities, generate more leads for your business or attract top talent, Glow in the Dark is a refreshingly practical and thought provoking book on why everyone has a powerful story worth telling, and how owning and sharing your story can have a transformative impact on your life and business beyond your wildest imagination.

The methods in this book will get you out of the shadows and help you raise your profile by becoming the spotlight in your industry.

"With wit, warmth, and the benefit of his own considerable experience and success, Mark will convince you why your personal story is important, and show you how to tell it. He is a gem, and this book is gold." - Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of the No F**ks Given Guides

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Mark Leruste:
Mark Leruste is a very impressive individual; he's a podcast host, teacher, entrepreneur, author and mentor who has worked with big companies and has a social media following of 25k. In recent years he has made imposter syndrome his subject and this book, which pays particular attention to how imposter syndrome can hold back entrepreneurs, ambitious young people and long-time introverts, will position him as the key author in the area.