FAQs on Menopause

FAQs on Menopause

Julie Robinson


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- You left the doctor's surgery before you could ask the things you really wanted to know.
- You've googled your question about menopause symptoms and had 75 answers, all contradicting each other.
- You asked your best friend - but they looked at you strangely.

You have so many questions, but no idea where to start finding the answers. Here they are. In this book you'll find the definitive, expert responses to all your FAQs: On Menopause. No question is too simple, too embarrassing, too rude or too offbeat to be included, and each one has been asked by thousands of people just like you

Do people know I'm having a hot flush?
Is it normal to feel rage all the time?
Why I am getting more hair in some places and losing it from others?

All these questions, and hundreds more, are covered in this short but powerful, helpful, practical guide to managing your menopause symptoms. Read at your leisure, or dip in and out when you most need the support or to shine a light on the problems and feelings that are making you uncomfortable or unhappy, and to bring them out of the shadows so you can understand and accept them.

This is an eBook edition and can be viewed online or downloaded to the John Murray Learning app via your account. Please note you will not be able to save files to your computer.


Julie Robinson:
CEO of Menohealth, Julie Robinson, established the organization after she underwent a hysterectomy at the age of 36, with no advice on HRT, cardiac care or anything relating to the distressing menopause symptoms she instantly experienced. The aim of the company is to promote physical and emotional wellbeing in women undergoing menopause. MenoHealth offers a programme of online workshops and exercise sessions to help business support their colleagues through and beyond the menopause, working with major corporations including the financial and construction sector.