Making Menopause Matter

Making Menopause Matter

The Essential Guide to What You Need to Know and Why

Diane Danzebrink


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In recent years, the conversation around menopause has opened up; most of us understand what menopause means, and that it can be more than a few hot flushes and periods stopping.


Do we really know why menopause matters?

Menopause will directly affect approximately half the world's population, and will indirectly affect the other half, too. There is a huge diversity of experiences that can potentially impact both short- and long-term physical, cognitive and emotional health and wellbeing, careers, relationships, families, friendships and finances.

How do you, your mother, your sister, your friends or your partner get the help and support that they need in all aspects of their lives, throughout the menopause transition and beyond?

Diane's book can answer that - and so much more. Diane Danzebrink was one of the first people to campaign for better menopause education, care, and support. Her work has been critical in ensuring that menopause is now part of the RSE curriculum in schools in England, and to the way in which menopause is no longer seen as a shameful or trivial experience. Her book, Making Menopause Matter, guides us through all aspects of the menopause landscape; it reminds us not only of what menopause is - its scope, nature and potential impact - but also why it is important that we continue to call for access to support for all, enhanced understanding, and an acceptance that menopause is an individual experience. While it may not be a seamless transition, menopause does offer an important opportunity when the right help and support is in place.

Diane's wise, compassionate writing offers practical advice along with deeper insights into how we can better support ourselves and those we know and love when their lives are impacted by menopause.

Part manifesto, a little memoir, plenty of self-help and ultimately a call to arms for society, public health and individuals alike, Making Menopause Matter should be required reading for all.

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Diane Danzebrink:
Diane Danzebrink is a consultant, speaker, educator, and menopause expert. She is the founder of the purpose over profit organisation Menopause Support, and has led the call for better menopause care and support in the UK with her national #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign. The campaign has been instrumental in ensuring that menopause has been added to the curriculum in schools in England and that all medical students will be taught about menopause from 2024. Widely recognized as a trusted voice of reason, Diane has spoken at many conferences dedicated to all aspects of menopause and mental health for both the public and health care professionals. She has appeared on This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women, Lorraine, BBC Breakfast, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News. She can regularly be heard discussing menopause and mental health on the radio, has written for both the Telegraph and the Guardian, and has featured in Japanese Vogue and on Japanese and Australian TV news, helping to take the conversation global. Diane has contributed to several books about menopause and mental health and wellness.