How to Outsmart a Narcissist

How to Outsmart a Narcissist

Use Emotional Intelligence to Regain Control at Home, at Work and in Life

Erin Leonard


available from Jul 23, 2024

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It might be surprising to learn that the emotional qualities that allow you to remain close to others, empathize, collaborate, compromise, perspective-take, and easily resolve conflict, in most healthy relationships, can actually backfire with a narcissist.

Why? Because you see the good. You trust. You empathize. These emotionally intelligent attributes keep you connected to others and help you resolve conflict amicably and maintain healthy relationships.

Written by psychotherapist and attachment expert, Dr. Erin Leonard, How to Outsmart a Narcissist breaks down how a narcissist manipulates and exploits these traits and details strategies to protect yourself against their attacks, whether they come from a romantic partner, a work colleague, a spouse, a co-parent, or a family member.

Filled with relatable stories, emotionally intelligent solutions, and practical advice to help you outsmart the narcissist in your life, this is your guide to finally finding peace from their chaos.

This is an eBook edition and can be viewed online or downloaded to the John Murray Learning app via your account. Please note you will not be able to save files to your computer.


Erin Leonard:
Dr. Erin Leonard has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years. Currently, she owns and practices at Recore Counseling in Indiana. Dr. Leonard has appeared on WGN and FOX affiliates in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Memphis, Atlanta, and Phoenix. She is a TV contributor for WNDU, South Bend, WISH TV, Indianapolis, and WGN, Chicago. In 2016, she won the bronze Living Now Award, and in 2018 was awarded the title of worldwide leader in healthcare and inducted into the International Association of Healthcare Providers. As a journalist for Psychology Today with over 7 million readers, she enjoys helping people in the areas of emotional intelligence, empathy, narcissism, attachment, and parenting. Her TikTok platform helps her reach a wider audience and keeps her in touch with people who are looking for trustworthy advice