The Midlife Edit

The Midlife Edit

A Transformative Self-Help Journey for Women

Gail McNeill


available from Sep 26, 2024

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The midlife years are only the beginning - a transformational edit for your very best life.

In 2019, Gail McNeill sold her cherished family home and moved to Portugal with just a few boxes of possessions. Soon after, the Covid pandemic enforced her isolation in a remote part of the world and sparked a cascade of introspection that led her to question every facet of her life, struggling to reconcile past choices with present reality. She started a journey of complete reinvention, from which she emerged physically, emotionally and spiritually transformed.

Now better known to her hundreds of thousands of followers as @fiftysister, Gail shares her story of midlife metamorphosis to guide you step by step along your own path to reinvention. Showing that it's never too late to transform your life, The Midlife Edit will show you how to build a cocoon nourished by dietary, lifestyle and spiritual insights from which you can emerge transformed and re-energized, to make the absolute most of your middle years.

Gail shows you how, by prioritizing self-care for just one year, you can unlock the secrets of health span, building strength and confidence for life, nourishing your body and your mind, and allowing you to enter this unique new phase of your life not diminished, but empowered.

Let The Midlife Edit inspire you to invest in yourself, to imagine the life you truly desire - and to be seen, as you never have been before.

This is an eBook edition and can be viewed online or downloaded to the John Murray Learning app via your account. Please note you will not be able to save files to your computer.


Gail McNeill:
Gail McNeill (@FiftySister) is a content creator, writer and wellness warrior whose life story embodies resilience, reinvention and the pursuit of a purposeful existence. In a corporate career until 2019, she sold almost all her possessions, including her cherished home, and relocated to Portugal where she began a process of midlife reinvention. She now has nearly one million followers across her various social media platforms, and is one of the most significant 50 influencers in the health and wellbeing space.